Project: Invisible Boxes

Over the past few months I continued the research that formed the basis for my article “Unseen Sensors,” and wanted to give it a more fitting and permanent home. Thus was born the site

I felt the data I had compiled needed a home outside of the original article, and to exist in a container that was both more structured – there’s a wealth of metadata – and could be added to over time, as opposed to the framing of an article, which implies a certain permanence and perspective from a moment in time. It turns out my ending of that article, Once you start noticing them, you’ll see many more,” couldn’t have been more prescient.

For now, the site is New York only, as that is where my own research has been centered, but it’s practically asking to be expanded to other cities over time. Likewise, although all the content currently on the site has come from me, it seems like the type of project that would be perfect to grow into a shared, collaborative effort.

I quietly launched the site over the summer, and have been slowly adding to it and tweaking it since. But a site about invisible boxes doesn’t have to be invisible itself.


Please take a look, and let me know what you think:



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