Mayo Nissen

Design, etc

Selected Work

A selection of work can be found below. Much of my recent work, especially that carried out in a consulting capacity and things that haven't launched yet, is confidential, but I'd be happy discuss it in more general terms. Get in touch.

Ten Thousand Tablets

Connecting older adults at the peak of the pandemic.


A vision for situated urban screens.


Laminating an e-paper display on RFID stored-value transit cards.

Associated Press

Futurecasting the future of news (2015 forecasting 2020).

City Tickets

Civic engagement through networked parking meters.

Knock Knock

Connected woodpeckers.

24hrs of a Household

Data visualization of data from a residental electricity meter.

The Guardian

Media futures (2008 envisioning 2015).

If you would like further details or process of any of the projects above or a peek at some more recent work, please contact me. If you've got this far, you may also want to take a look at my CV [pdf].