Nomadic Summer 2011

So following an extremely enjoyable time in New York, my next couple of months are a bit messier. This week I’m in London, and then on Sunday I fly to Helsinki, where I will be based until the end of June.

That will be followed by two weeks in Copenhagen (teaching at CIID!), three weeks in New York (Talk to Me opens at MoMA, featuring City Tickets and Visualising Power), and then I’ll be back in Europe for another little while. (it gets fuzzy from August – I’m not quite sure *where* in Europe)

First of all, if you find yourself in any of those cities at the same time as me, I’d love to meet up, whether or not we’ve met before. I’m open to coffees and beers, tips about places or introductions to interesting people.

Helsinki, specifically: I don’t actually have somewhere to live lined up. So if you or somebody you know in Helsinki has a spare room, or is going on holiday and is willing to let me apartment-sit, and would like some extra money for not doing very much, please get in touch! (Even just somewhere for the first week or two would be great, to give me time to find my feet. Vague and uncertain leads and tips much appreciated.)

I also don’t really know many people in Finland, and although I’ve been very kindly introduced to a couple of friends-of-friends in Helsinki and I’m sure I’ll get to know the people I’ll be working with, I’m on the look-out for friends. So, please, do say hello.

Hopefully I’ll see you or meet you somewhere, sometime soon, on my nomadic meanderings…

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