Back in Copenhagen

Following 7 Weeks in Helsinki, I’m back in Copenhagen (last week and this), but this time, I’m here to teach at CIID – together with Adam Greenfield, and it’s a course I would have loved to have had last year. It’s lovely to be back in CPH, amongst friends – practically amongst family, it feels like.

It’s also great to be teaching. It’s my first experience of teaching in this form – I’ve previously taught very focused skill-based things: kayaking, swimming, Photoshop, Illustrator – but this is different. The students are great, teaching together with Adam is all sorts of great, and I’m enjoying being forced to express and examine my own views and opinions in a way that can only be healthy. On Tuesday evening, I’m also giving an Open Lecture at CIID, on the Craft of Invisibility: Going against designerly instincts and purposefully making things ugly. Fingers crossed it goes ok, and that I also manage to write up the thoughts in it in a form I’m happy with – if I do, I’ll post or link to it here. Perhaps I’ll see you tomorrow, at 5pm.

As part of the teaching, I put together a newspaperclub publication in lieu of an emailed reading list – I’ve written a bit more about it here, and you can grab all of the articles, and a copy of the PDF.

And while I’m here and have education on the brain, I’ve also got a couple of posts about the history of educational institutions and their pedagogical and disciplinary traditions (using Atlantic College, Brunel’s design department, and CIID as examples) half written, which will hopefully see the light of day sooner rather than later.

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