A Smaller Metal Tube


I first flew when I was a couple of months old; it’s something I have always done. You go to the airport, you sit in a metal tube for a couple of hours, and at some point you get spat out the other other end. I don’t fly so much that I find it a massively painful experience, but enough that I kind of blank it out. Tomorrow, though, I am flying on a tiny little plane – a 30 or 40 seater, I think… and I am excited about flying on something other than an Airbus or Boeing behemoth for a change. And I am flying to London City Airport, for no good reason, other than that I haven’t flown there before. it was 5 quid cheaper to fly to LHR, but I figured I might as well try somewhere new!


Interesting2007 on Saturday…. Exciting (if slightly unsure what to expect… but it should be good!)

Talk by IDEO co-founder Bill Moggridge at the designmuseum Friday evening, then interesting2007 on Saturday, which promises to be great. Although there is a possibility that I might just stand shyly in the corner… (also on the agenda: CSM degree show, RCA show, Gormley at the Hayward).

Oh, and if anybody is using Dopplr… I just joined up, so say hi!

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