Theme: Transport and Mobility

The theme and brief for my 2 week Hang at IDEO London is below. If you commute, and would like to share some of your experiences, or ideas for how commuting could be improved, please add a comment to this post.

Theme: Transport and Mobilty

Everyone – well, almost everyone – hates commuting, but everyday a significant number of people put their lives and sanity in the hands of train and bus operators everywhere.

Often the time thats spent sat waiting for signals or for traffic to move is nothing more than ‘dead’ time, unproductive and often downright stressful.

Some people use it as an opportunity to read, others make a head start with emails using their blackberrues. others may want nothing more than to doze a little longer. although not all people want to do the same thing, what all commuters do share a space and time in which to do it.

Utilise design thinking to suggest ways in which commuters might use this time more usefully or make it a more pleasant part of their day.

Any insights, observations, or comments much appreciated.

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