Lecture Centre

Since my last post, I’ve finished my internship in Germany, and am now back in London for the last year of my degree.

Stuff I am working on right now:

My major project: “Tethered Nomads” – What to do with all those cables that are now increasingly dragged along when travelling, but that don’t really have a home?

A contextual design project on The Guardian (in brief: design a product concept for approx 10 years in the future for the Guardian brand)

Other academic work: making the business case for the future of a manufacturer of car roof racks and trailers, designing sustainable packaging, and investigating the manufacture of a lightbulb. Well, someone has to do it!

Made in Brunel, the final year degree show, is also already taking up a fair amount of time and energy. Pencil it in for early June, if you are around.

Somehow, time seems to be swiftly dissapearing, and I have no idea where it is gone/going. Academic deadlines are rapidly approaching, and others loom, menacingly, in the (not so distant) distance. As does that mysterious and very much undefined thing known as “The Future”.

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