Reading: June 08


Now that I’ve finished university – albeit without any proof thereof quite yet, I haven’t officially graduated quite yet – I finally have time to read interesting books again. ie, I am no longer being taught, so I have time to learn.

Currently in the process of being read: The Global Soul, In the Bubble, and Designing Design. Many more are waiting once I’ve finished these!

The Global Soul, Pico Iyer: Reflections on home, belonging, cultures, and existing between them. Strikes a lot of chords, and brings back lots of memories of college.

In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex World, John Thackara: Thoughts on the place technology has in today’s world, and the directions it seems to be taking – and where society, ethics, and, ultimately, people fit into it all. More thought provoking questions than simple answers, but sometimes thats all that’s needed. Not an easy read, but a satisfying one.

Designing Design, Kenya Hara: Real proof that physical books can never be completely superceded by digital versions – a lovely physical object inside and out, with some stunning work and interesting writing to boot. Not necessarily a book for reading cover to cover like the other two, but wonderful to dip into and to be reminded why I love design.

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