A Hectic Week

A hectic week by any metric.

On Tuesday I was offered a job, and recieved my moo minicards.
On Thursday I was ill, and stayed in bed all day. not so fun.

By Friday I had decided to turn down the job.

On Saturday I accepted the Job.

Which means that I will pretty much immediately move to Winchester, about an hour’s train away from London.

The Moo minicards are truly lovely. I can’t quite place my finger on what makes them so much fun – they are, after all, small bits of card with a photo on one side and some plain black text on the other – but fun they are. Slightly smaller than I imagined, but on thicker/nicer stock, they arrived ahead of schedule seven days after ordering. good work moo.

I had some sort of stomach bug/headachyness that arrived suddenly (i was fine, half an hour later i was in bed); it was also gone within 24hrs. could have been worse. Still, it meant that I wasted a day in which I really wanted to get back to a company in Germany that had asked me to send them more work.

Friday was a rather unexpected climax to the week. I had decided to turn the offer down, as it was for 9 months and I wasnt sure it was right for me. Long story short, by the end of the day it was a better and shorter offer, and I promised to get back to them within 24hrs. Yesterday morning I sent an email accepting the offer and will call to discuss details such as the start date on Monday. I will have a contract for an initial 6 months, which gives me the opportunity to get some experience abroad later in the year, which was my main aim for the year and primary criteria in choosing companies to apply to. I can’t say I am 100% sure of my decision, but it will doubtless be invaluble experience, learning stuff that you just can’t learn from lectures and university projects. It’s a small company, so I will hopefully get involved at all stages of the design process, and be able to get my hands dirty. That, I am excited about.

Practically immediately – probably this coming week -, I need to find somewhere to live in (or near) winchester, move a skeleton set of possesions there (a change of clothes and my laptop?), and re-arrange my plans for the very immediate future. At least it will involve less sending out of CVs and portfolios.

Life throws little twists and turns every now and then. I’ll try to enjoy the ride.

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