Spam 2.0

Subject: theme WordPress hosted
From: “Listen Technorati”
Date: Thu, November 2, 2006 1:33 am
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Huelskamp Making Energy Efficient Homefirst. Reading on Wilson grandson
Listen a Technorati Flickr.
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How’s that for bizarre spam – throw as many up-to-the-second web 2.0 buzzwords in as you can find, and hope something sticks (bit like VC, perhaps?). I only viewed the plain text version – I have no intention of getting a virus or buying anything – so I don’t know what they were trying to sell, but it was an interesting change from viagra, mortgages, penny stocks, and offers of untold riches from Nigeria.

So, in the land of spam, whats hot? Technorati and WordPress make the subject and from lines. domain namethings are vital, clearly. Paypal, hyperlocal podcasts, and Friedster make the list. As do Flickr, the Segway, and ‘Googling friends‘ (oo – its a verbthey won’t approve of that!). Even energy efficiency gets a mention. not sure what Feedfirst is, but it sounds up-to date, don’t you think?

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