Cycling 8 or so hilly miles home (temporary home) at 10pm, in the complete dark, with freezing fog down a country road is after a first day at work (no honeymoon period indeed – 5 minutes and I was put to work) is certainly a tiring end to the day! Made it in one piece, though, which is always a bonus.

There is dark, like there is in cities… and there is dark.

I was thrown straight into a deadline rush, as far as I can tell; so far, I have been creating reasonably generic presentation boards to be shown to a client at midday tomorrow. Someone else is creating renders to slot into the layouts I’ve put together, and I am jointly creating line-art images to demonstrate to product alongside the renderings. Deadline 12 Noon.

Winchester is very pretty, if rather small. Cathedral opposite office (behind some trees which I am promised will lose their leaves and reveal the view) is impressive, the high street is a combination of standard British high street (clothes chains, bookshop, small supermarket, post office, occasional restaurants, also often franchises) and quaint (old buildings, cobbled areas, nicely restored). Haven’t explored at all (did I mention it’s cold?), but what I’ve seen holds some promise.
tired; bedtime.

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