Clapham Junction Goes Germanic




The k800i has a camera. My phone lives in my pocket. Therefore I now always have a 3.2 megapixel camera with me, letting me take my photographic eye with me more often, and recording the oddities and beauties of the world on a more regular basis
The photos it takes are pretty good – considering the size of the device that takes them they are pretty damn impressive. Not quite a dSLR, but it’s a very different machine, and has different advantages. No doubt the photos I will take will be very different to those I’ve taken in the past – using both film and digital varieties of SLR as well as a digital compact – but I’m looking forward to taking photos regularly again. It still feels very much like a phone first and camera second – despite the cyber-shot camera branding -, and I do sometimes feel a little silly holding up my phone (shush – that’s got nothing to do with taking pictures of signs at busy railway stations and the tops of cars at night) – a very different feeling, if no less conspicuous, to holding up a bulky SLR.
It’ll be interesting to see whether I still want a dSLR quite so much once I get used to this, and even more interesting if I do get one, how different, and in which contexts, the photos I take end up being. For now, though, it’s great being able to take a snapshot of anything I see, and continually experiment with capturing the world on film(memory card).
I’ll probably post more photos to flickr than I put up her, but will doubtless stick some up here.

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