CIID 09/10: Faculty List

Over the past year, we were taught by an amazing array of people. With the aim of outsourcing my memory to the internet, here’s a list.

I haven’t seen this archived anywhere online (separately from the combined list if all who taught in our year and the pilot year, which is here), so here’s a full (?) list of the faculty who taught us for extended periods during the Interaction Design Programme at CIID during 2009/10. For more details on any of the courses, see the CIID website.

Teambuilding: Karen Ward

Introduction to Interaction Design: Matt Cottam

Video Prototyping: Vinay Venkatraman

Computational Design: Dennis Paul, Patrick Kochlik

Flash/Actionscript: Kevin Cannon, Marcin Ignac

Physical Computing: Massimo Banzi, Daniel Soltis

User Research: Brian Rink, Joachim Halse, Simona Maschi

Wearable Computing: Di Mainstone, Priya Mani, David Gauthier

GUI (3 parts): Timm Kekeritz, Frank Rausch

Matt Cottam, Brian Hinch, Jack Schulze, Timo Arnall

Fabio Sergio, Gianluca Brugnoli (and Matt)

Tangible User Interfaces: Richard Shed, Vinay Venkatraman, David Gauthier

Service Design: Chris Downs, John Holager

Industry Project 1, Velux: Jamie Allen

Industry Project 2, Nokia: Vinay Venkatraman, Nick Zambetti

Industry Project 2, Lego: Tobias Toft, Gitte Jonsdatter

My thesis advisor: Gitte Jonsdatter

Thesis Examiners: Matt Cottam, Mike Albers, Golan Levin

We also had an amazing programme of open lectures throughout the year, including, in addition to most of the visiting faculty, people such as Bill Moggridge of IDEO and the Cooper Hewitt, Joachim Sauter of Art+Com, Durrell Bishop of Luckybite, Jon Kolko of Frogdesign and ACfD, Bill Verplank of Stanford, and many more.

Quite the group.

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