Several projects from our physical computing course “A new soul for an old machine” at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design are featured in the current (April 2010) edition of Wired Magazine in Italy, including my Ironic Radio and Assistive Scarf projects.

The projects were featured as part of an article by Massimo together with a couple of his own projects. We shipped them off to Milan to be photographed a couple of months ago, and we finally got our hands on a couple of copies of the printed magazine last week. There will always be a thrill to seeing your own work in print, perhaps exaggerated in this case by the mystery of not quite being able to read the (Italian) article around it.

The Ironic Iron I created with Dean, Elena, and Gizem is on the crate, with the Assistive Scarf (with Filippo and Li, with lots of help from Laura) is draped over the couch behind it.

The other CIID projects featured are Linyl (seen below), Comet, and Toast & Jam, all from the two week course with Massimo Banzi and Daniel Soltis in November 2009.

All of these projects, as far as I know, are also being exhibited at the Salone di Mobile in Milan, although I can’t tell you where. If you find them, please let me know!

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