World Cup Final

I watch the biggest football match on earth and what do I notice?
In all the previous matches I have watched during this world cup the Budweiser advertising hoarding at the side of the pitch has said “Bud Bud” in the swirly logotype associated with the brand. In the final, for the first time as far as I can tell, they decided to have one Bud translated into Chinese (and not swirly). For one match? Logic?
Maybe the proportion of asian viewers rockets for finals compared to the rest of the tournament more than other regional viewers? All the hoardings – their positions, their contents – seemed to be the same for all the matches. Except this one. very strange.
(edit: other people notice random things at football matches too)
And yes, I did watch the actual football, and very watchable it was too. Zidane, Italy, Extra Time, Zidane’s red mist, Penalties. In order of appearance.

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