Thesis Weeknote 01 [surveying]

For the first couple of weeks of working and thinking about my thesis I’ve mostly been reading; surveying the landscape of what is already out there both in terms of projects and thinking.

Doing my best to stand on the shoulders of giants.

These are some of the people who’s thoughts have been influencing my thinking regarding where I want to take my thesis; sometimes I have highlighted a particular paper, blog post, talk, or project, sometimes I haven’t. It’s not a comprehensive bibliography, even of just what I’ve read so far. But there’s lots of interesting stuff in there.


Dan Hill: City as Platform; Towards a Sentient City

Matt Jones: Mujicomp and Mujicompfrastructure (Technoark 2010); The Demon Haunted World (Webstock 2009); The City is a Battlesuit for Surviving the Future (2009)

Adam Greenfield: Everyware (2006); The City is Yours to Use (expected soon); most of his blog, Speedbird.

Einar Sneve Martinussen: Adventures in Urban Computing (AHO, 2008)

Ben Cerveny, Michal Migurski (Stamen)

Anne Galloway: Intimations of Everyday Life: Ubiquitous Computing and The City

Timo Arnall: Designing for the Web in the World; Designing for an Internet of Things (IxDA Interactions 2010)

Usman Haque

Julian Bleecker: A Manifesto for Networked Objects (2006)

Urban Computing and its Discontents (Greenfield and Bleecker)

Jan Chipchase

Mike Kuniavsky: User Experience Design for Ubiquitous Computing (pre-print draft, 2010)

Microsoft Research Social Computing Symposium 2010 (various write-ups, various speakers. Theme: “City as Platform”)

Molly Steenson

Century of the City, Rockefeller Foundation (2008)

Fabien Girardin

Nicolas Nova

Clay Shirky: Permanet, Nearlynet, and Wireless Data (2003)

Fukasawa and Morrison: Super Normal

William J. Mitchell

Bruce Sterling: Shaping Things

Marc Weiser

Martijn de Waal: Design Approaches for the 21st Century City

Handbook of Research on Urban Informatics: The Practice and Promise of the Real-Time City (ed. Marcus Foth, 2008)

Paul Dourish and Genevieve Bell: The Infrastructure of Experience and the Experience of Infrastructure (2007); Yesterday’s Tomorrows: Notes on Ubiquitous Computing’s Dominant Vision (2007); Getting Out of the City: Meaning and Structure in Everyday Encounters with Space (2004?)

Williams and Dourish: Reimagining the City: The Cultural Dimensions of Urban Computing

Don Norman: Designing the Infrastructure (Interactions, 2009)

Mainwaring, Chang, Anderson: Infrastructures and Their Discontents: Implications for Ubicomp

As for what my thesis might be called? well, that’s covered by Molly Steenson’s Urban Computing Conference Title Generator, of course.

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