Thesis Weeknote 16 [Getting there]

There’s a whole week left, and it’s amazing how much work can be done in a week when a deadline is looming, and there’s certainly plenty left to do. Nonetheless, we had to submit text and images for the exhibition catalogue, so for a couple of days I could pretend it was all finished.
Wishful thinking….

So to recap.

The service is now called City Tickets, which intuitively seemed the best fit, vs some of the other options, most of which included some variety of responsive, city, citizen, etc, which felt a bit contrived.. The powers that be give parking tickets, now you can give the city a ticket. Also, you know – parking ticket machines, city tickets….

A description of the project as it stands – and it got only very minor tweaks before being sent to print (via Alie) – is in the previous post. It’s only 360 words. Go read it and come back.

Below are the photographs I took to illustrate the now slightly tweaked project description. It almost looks like it could be a project…

There are still a couple of logical kinks to be worked out, and plenty of things to be polished and ironed out, especially for the presentation/thesis defense that happens next week. Process-y things like service blueprints, system diagrams, etc – things that might be logically complete already, but currently take the form of back-of-the-envelope scribbles and need drawing up properly.

I’m also hoping to get some feedback from the Copenhagen Municipal authority, and to fit in at least one iteration of user testing/feedback/changes, specifically on the wording on the receipts themselves. Exactly how the service is presented also needs some work – the text on the magenta sign on the ticket machine you see above was thrown together pretty quickly and could do with some refining, to make it clear how this machine differs from a standard parking ticket machine. And more generally, the tone of voice needs to be kept consistent, as it currently veers from functional and official to a bit more informal and chatty – in my mind both are fine, but not at the same time.

Onwards, to the final push…

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