Plans / further thesis thoughts

I’m currently in post-CIID limbo, floating around Europe. I spent a couple of weeks in London, then a few days in France; now I’m in Turin, and next week I’ll be in Copenhagen for work, for two weeks. After that, your guess is as good as mine.

If you’d like to offer me either a couch or some work, do get in touch. 🙂

As well as hunting for work (both short and longer term) I’ve been meaning to write up several aspects of my thesis project in more depth. I think I’ve described the basic idea reasonably clearly, but there are a bunch of thoughts that are a little more abstract and a little more complex that came out of it that I’d like to explain and explore in more depth. I talked about some of these in my final exam presentation at CIID (slideshare, pdf, although both are without notes so YMMV), but I haven’t gotten them out in writing yet, and I’d like to, while it’s all still fresh in my mind.

Some of these include:

  • What does “public” object really mean – how City Tickets as a service takes parking meters and makes them relevant to all, not just drivers.
  • Objects as the physical embodiment of a system or service – and why I didn’t design a better parking meter (but why somebody should).
  • The craft of invisibility – designing as little as possible, for the biggest impact; using craft to make an idea disappear into obviousness. Real, not better.
  • Creating something cultural as well as functional – where’s the poetry?
  • Disciplinary lines, and why we shouldn’t care. Networked objects and urban computing falling between the cracks.
  • The possible ecology around City Tickets – part of something bigger, not just parking meters. Other touchpoints (store receipts? SMS, mobile app, online); existing backend (eg, open 311).
  • Why embedding City Tickets in the physical urban fabric is different to ‘just’ an iPhone App.

Hopefully by getting the themes out there will spur me on to actually writing them, while I (kind of) have the time to do so.

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