Back on the Hunt


My portfolio has had a small facelift, a couple of projects have been tweaked and polished, bits have been rephrased, some new work has been added, it’s all had a bit of a shake, and is now once again winging it’s way via email to interesting companies and individuals around the world.

So far, I’ve applied to one or more places in each of these cities in the last couple of weeks: amsterdam, berlin, boston, chicago, delft, dusseldorf, eindhoven, erlangen, london, milan, munich, new york, palo alto, san francisco, seoul, shanghai, stockholm, taipei

By all means feel free to go through the portfolio with a toothpick – any comments positive or harsh much welcomed. It’s been through so many revisions and tweaks that while I have probably got rid of any hidden mistakes, I’ve probably missed some glaring ones. Obviously, if you’d like to offer me a job, by all means feel free to do so. Or just contact me for a chat over coffee or over the phone.

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